Self, Senses & Insensitivity.

Does what we do in life matter so much, or is it what we don’t do that carries weight? ” — (The Architect’s Apprentice)

It carries its own pleasure when you read a book while the rain lashes and the tea smokes 

And me, while I am having the worst flu!  I told her that I caught it from my sister who caught it from her school And my mother said that I sleep with air conditioning on all night long while the weather is abruptly changing to colder so I had to get it one way or the other. 

Another day, some old relatives of my father sent him a very old picture of the wedding ceremony of  my grandparents and I found myself asking my father if he remembers how his parents used to look when they were still  young. Age seeps in and doesn’t even leave a whisper.

  I am glad that it’s going to be a year since I’ve started to write here and I am very pleased with myself over this. When I read my previous posts, they appear very naive to me and I wonder how come I’ve changed so much in a year? And I wonder if the readers too have noticed this.

Socialized and uncivilized we are getting simultaneously.Your face becomes a product when you’re taking pictures of it all the time and adorning it for it. Then you are sorting out which picture to put as your whatsapp profile, which one would suit your highly acclaimed fb profile, and the one which can earn you most laudations over insta. Camera has become a tool which keeps you engaged in the exterior self. What if you or others get tired watching your face all the time then after sometimes you are going to say,  “Mom I’ve got tired of this face, I need a new one.” Might be that someone else would suggest you to put on a new one cause it doesn’t look good any more. I am just saying, I know it’s pretty ridiculous.


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  1. Iffat Anjum says:

    Hmmm. A product. Like the term.

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    1. Iffat Anjum says:

      I mean face as a product

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  2. Umer says:

    Past is always “naive” (somehow it appears to be)…. Future is always “dekha-jaye-ga”…. “Inertia” of Present is always too strong, settling and contending….

    Gift your future with your ‘present’…. That’s the recipe.
    Living the present to the fullest, brightest, cheerest, dumbest 🙂 (its okay)… Living it fully, to the utmost of passion and happiness…. To the utmost of best things that we can do (Al Mulk: 2), to the best of acts, submission (Az Zaariyaat: 56) and profits (Al Asr: 1-3)…
    Purpose of life is not a rocket-science… However, its we who like complexities, abstractness and costliness… Meet chronic (or any other) patients, and you’d see how they consider the drugs and medicines which are costlier, better…. 🙂

    You see… Past will never come… Future was never there… Today is the only day of all the love and hate and excitement and preparation… Today is not this duniya… Today is our first step to Aakhirat (who knows tomorrow will come or not)… So, tomorrow is not only uncertain, it is non-existent too…!

    Well said…. “Socialized and uncivilized we are getting simultaneously”.
    Technology (like camera) doesn’t refine humans’ lives… It just brings of us out, more (fortunately or unfortunately)… Later, we get tired of Profiles, DPs and may be identities… 🙂

    Be yourself…! (This blogs says loud and clear)
    [May be you’d like you re-name it to “Self and Sense and Sensitivity”]

    God Bless you.

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    1. Aaishahid says:

      Man is a social animal and we thought man is a social media animal!
      I want to thank you for your kind, soft humble words. Thank u for your time and thank you for the encouragement and motivation.


      1. Umer says:

        Most welcome…
        Much regards..

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  3. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. So, I’d like to nominate you for a Liebster Award . You can take a look at the rules here:

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    1. Aaishahid says:

      I an very grateful for your kindness, thank you.

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  4. you do not get tired of the face that you love just like your favourite celebrity how much you see him or her you still love to see more so that is love you never get tired and face fits in the same category but as you said we should put a new face many people do plastic surgery but its so painful i do not know how can they take so much pain we should love how we are made but you can change clothes ,hairstyle, have a new look if you get bored of the old but not get bored of you pretty face take pictures less then i guess you will not get bored but face is face and i love my hehehehe

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    1. Aaishahid says:

      It’s very beautiful that you love yours I pray that You adore yourself forever 🙂

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      1. ameen thank you 🙂

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  5. There’s a lot in this !

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