Break Free

God knows that we are all artists of life. One day, he gives us a hammer with which to make sculptures, another day he gives us brushes and paints with which to make picture, or paper and a pencil to write with. But you cannot make a painting with a hammer, or a sculpture with a paint brush. Therefore, however difficult it may be, I must accept today’s small blessings, even if they seem like curses because I am suffering and it’s a beautiful day, the sun is shining, and the children are singing in the street. This is the only way I will manage to leave my pain behind and rebuild my life. 

-Hope it gives you a little inspiration. Quoted from Paulo Coelho’s book, “The Zahir”


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  1. Iffat Anjum says:

    The Zahir is one of my favorite books. Read it many years ago and pretty much every page highlighted.
    In retrospective now I think it was too idealistic. Don’t you think?

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    1. Aaishahid says:

      It was about pure passions, in my opinion, A journey of finding one self.
      The end was not satisfying enough.
      His every book portraits very much a similar character, losing and remerging self.


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