Are You Static? 

 “A stagnant water puddle is soon going to get dried

They say, teaching is also learning, you ever pondered over that? You teach yourself to learn… You teach when you’ve learnt… You learn to teach… Let’s not lose ourselves in the maze of the words and get this point lay straight, Life is things coming out and going in. You inhale you exhale.You eat you excrete. You get a stimulus and you respond.(I am beginning to have a nostalgia for Mr Newton now)

If you’ve stopped looking for something that at one time you considered the aim of your life, Why ?

YOU are a human and you have been created to do things beside what all other life forms do.

  • Do you feel a river moving in you sometimes ? 
  • Are you desperate to achieve something? 
  • Do you challenge yourself often? 
  • Do you try to go beyond your limits ?
  • Do you not give up very quickly? 
  • Are you a little stubborn 😉 ?
  • Do you change your company? 
  • Do you at least read two books a year other than you curricular ones 
  • Do you want to learn new things? 
  • Do you want to change for a better?
  • Do you see yourself in someone? 
  • Do you have an ambition that other people think you’re incapable of achieving ?
  • DO YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF?                           Now, if you’ve three positives, I want to congratulate you because you’re not having a static life! and if you’ve, don’t worry! You can change that, and I’ll tell you how.      

You are like fragrance in the bud, Diffuse yourself: be free.
Perfume the garden breeze, and fill the earth with scent of you… Iqbal 

A Desire, A Dream, A Vision”  

Get Yourself Moving…What to do if your life is static??? »#Part Two« A little curiosity is Good, I hope I’ve succeeded in creating that!! 

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  1. Aqsa Malik says:

    Waiting for part 2 😉 … btw a good read it was ^-^

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  2. Shireen Khan says:

    Mindstorming Nice thought 😇

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