O dear lord,

I am so pathetic at realizing the worth of anything, I find it so hard to be grateful for anything. I’ve so much uncertainty in my life. I am becoming manipulative and selfish. I am nesting too much unpleasantness in myself. I am rude to others. I am self conscious and still  am losing me. I feel like I am dissolving into some thing and am transforming my individuality and existence into which is not me. I am cruel to myself and to everyone. I’ve lost sense of the feelings of others. I am walking blindfolded and bumping my head on everything that’s coming in my way. When I try to be receptive  with my hands so I may escape them, I feel air . I wonder how come it strikes my head with a force that I feel to have crashed my skull.Sometimes, I feel I’ve never ever loved anything.  

There lies an abyss inside me and it’s malignant, it’s swelling and would engulf me if I don’t eliminate that what’s feeding it.



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  1. You literally write so well 🙂

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    1. Aaishahid says:

      Oh Really? Though after writing every article I am taken by despair that I don’t know how to write.
      Thanks for the comment, it made my day 😀

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