#BeBoldForChange 💜

Everyday at eleven’o clock  I put into my mouth a chewing gum, don myself into a lab coat and begin to walk towards the hospital where I am training as an undergrad med student, I pull my chin up because I realise each day how very fortunate I am to be able to enjoy my womenhood and be proud of that! I am blessed to get a chance to work outside my house and am enjoying the same freedom as my male counterparts are having. 

Today, this International Women’s Day matters to me because I am proud of being a women. Though unfortunately, of the society where I dwell constitutes only a 5% of my country where women have their rights less than the animals of elsewhere.

Yesterday, my ten year old brother asked me  “when is it going to be Men’s day? ” I told him that everyday is men’s day here, men do whatever they like. He asked me “Aren’t men going to do what they like, today?” I said no, it’ll be same as everyday, “men will be men”.

I would love to mention here that as far as my country is concerned I know that people in rural areas have neither the religious nor worldly knowledge, they are stark ignorants, their women don’t have rights and the world rants that being a national of a Muslim country means that if there is oppression on women, the religion is to be blamed. Although I’ve heard the religious scholars admit it themselves that many many communities, in rurals specifically, know naught about religion!  And sadly it’s correct that they do oppression on their women in the name of religion. They’ve rather chosen religion as an excuse to do what their manly ego demands .

The picture that this world presents from woman gets its tints and scents: 

She is the lyre that can impart pathos and warmth to human heart.

Her handful clay is superior far to Pleiades that so higher are 

For every man with knowledge vast, Like gem out of her cask is cast.

Like Plato can not hold discourse, Nor can with thunderous voice declaim: 

But Plato was a spark that broke from her fire that blazed like flame—Iqbal.



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  1. Arfa Saad says:

    Simple but amazing, bitter truth written softly !! May Allah strenghthen u more and your words even more !!


    1. Aaishahid says:

      Thanks darling 😊


  2. I agree to all the aspects of giving women the power but what irks me sometimes is that the expression of girl power is almost made synonymous to hatred towards men. With all due respect i got a similar tone of sentiment in your blog post. I mean it is true what you said about those men in the rural areas of Pakistan who only have one direction for all their angers and frustrations but in those three line discussion with your brother on the matter when you said men will be men and will do what they like, i mean why is that a bad thing? I am sorry i have written a lot … in a nutshell, if women are to be empowered does not mean they have to win their power from men, it is just that they should be and feel in control of their lives and decisions.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaishahid says:

      Yes, of course ( it’s for what’s in the netshell).
      Customarily A man thinks that it is manly that woman should be ruled by him similarly woman thinks that if she is independent of men, I mean of her always begging him, walking behind and be in constant vigilance of what would please (her) men most.
      My definitions are ruled by my environmental factors, I’ve generalized it in that manner. It evidently wouldn’t hold true for everyone.
      I hope you’re not among those who are miffed even by the sound of IWD 😉
      I’ve tried to answer your comment well, I fancy that it appeases your irritation of girl power.😄


    2. Iffat Anjum says:

      “The expression of girl power is almost made synonymous to hatred towards men.”. I agree. It doesn’t have to be that way.

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