To be continued… 

Assalamoalaikm everyone, the blessed month is over and another holy night and a holy day is here. Muslims allover the world fasted for the entire month and would be celebrating eid now. We all experience mixed emotions of sadness and happiness whenever it’s time to bid farewell to ramadan. 

Ramadan is a time for revitalizing the Eman and I truly never felt how much I needed it until now when it’s over. 

It’s over and I pray that we all enter it next year too Insha’Allah in better spirits and with more zeal. May Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَى accept our all deeds and forgive our lackings, ya Allah ease the sufferings of our Muslim brothers and sisters around the globe. Ameen

A religious festivity eid, demands us celebration and rejoice but never in the way as is depicted on the TV shows. I am truly grieved to see the way people are just throwing, literally throwing away the cloak of religion and getting indulged in wing-ding. Eid marks culmination of ramadan lest religious practice itself.  

Eid shouldn’t become a hindrance in continuing the good deeds that you have been following through out the blessed month. If you made a resolution then follow it, don’t back off.

 Here are some tips for you to continue the spiritual connection with Allah after ramadan:

Image source: how to stay spiritually connected after ramadan

May you have a very happy Eid, full of joys and happiness. I had so many people to wish eid to that I ended up wishing to none at all until now ofcourse 🙂

In the end I would like to share the clicks of the cake that I just a couple of hours finished up. #chocolatebrownie #caramelalmondglaze #whippiwhip


Jazakillahu khairan,

God bless you.



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