About Me

Ecstasy of life, delirium of thoughts, fervor of words ; while
losing herself in their reverie, she toils to give them a bearing.
A student of experience and a teacher of meaninglessness.
A nagging child who doesn’t want to grow up.
Anticipating your motivation.


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  1. ANM7 says:

    I sense a person who is very honest and approaches truths which some of us don’t admit. You are capable of such good work. Probably disturbing to some. Thanks again.

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    1. Aaishahid says:

      You’re an owner of a beautiful heart, and It’s that beauty that reflects in your comment.
      Your comment is a huge compliment for me! It made me feel special.
      Many many thanks to you.

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  2. ANM7 says:

    I would like for you to laugh now, based on the next comment……
    Your saying and my saying put side to side looks like we’re reading Crystal Balls over one another. Hysterical I know, but sometimes it is good to laugh. Thanks for indulgences.

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  3. Ali Adnan says:

    “a teacher of meaninglessness” .. brought a smile to my face .. and its still there . thank you 😊

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    1. Aaishahid says:

      Do u happen to not getting what I write?


      1. Ali Adnan says:

        I did not get why would you ask that ? 🙂

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      2. Aaishahid says:

        Well that proves the meaninglessness 😉


  4. Umer says:


    May you live all the days of your life.

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